Board Report to the September 2023 GM

Board Report to the September 21 General Meeting

Board Report to the September 21, 2023 General Meeting


In the first quarter of this board term, our efforts have been concentrated on the final stages of the 1750 Grant Street project, along with unit vacancies and the work necessitated by moves. Due to the number of moves occurring in 2023, repair work has been prioritized over renovation in this round of moves.


We have also carried on the work started by last year’s board on The Agency Action Plan, a filed copy of which can be found in the General Meeting package. Policy revision and renewal will be a focus for this year’s board, work which will continue over the next two board terms.


There will be some major projects coming up this year, including remediation of drainage, building and deck repair at 2035 East Pender Street, roof renewals at 1803 Kitchener and 1774 Grant, and potentially heating/cooling remediation work at 1220 Salsbury.


The Board is also looking toward creating more continuity across board terms, with resources and templates that will be available from one board to the next.


The Board devotes considerable time to member correspondence and issues, as well as the day-to-day governance work that arises across its term, including the oversight of committees, contracts, and our maintenance co-ordinator.


As always, the Board would like to encourage members to join our committees, get involved in community meetings as we start our policy renewal process, and connect with your fellow members on your site and across the Co-op.


Yours co-operatively,


The Board of Directors

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