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Van East Co-op Music Circle

Photo by Ryk Naves on Unsplash
Sunday, January 26th 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Mark your calendars. It will take place at the Britannia Family Centre right across from the library entrance. All ages warmly welcome.
Bring a musical instrument (or not).
Bring a song (or not).
Bring a friend (or not).
Lead and share a song, help/collaborate on a song (or not).
Social committee will provide finger snacks. Please bring your own cup and plate. And please bring yourself (yes).
Ok Time to pump up the jam…:)
Hope to share music making with you then.
for the social committee.

Brewery Hop Recap

Brewery Tour

Leo from the Social Committee tells us:

Friday May 31, 2019 a group of co-op members met for an evening of brewery touring and socializing organized by the Social Committee. The group toured two local east Vancouver breweries; it was a great opportunity to meet each other and learn a bit more about our neighbours. Lots of lively chatter and laughs were shared by all. Another event will be planned soon.


Social Committee Brewery Hop

Beer by Tomasz Sienicki
Greetings –
A big thank you to those of you who joined us for a fun night of music and singing at Britannia a few weeks ago and made it such a great event!
Also many thanks to those who participated in the survey emailed out recently – it looks like may 31 is the day of choice for the 2019 Vaneast Housing Co-op brewery tour event. If you didn’t respond to the survey (or are scratching your head wondering “what survey!?!?”) please do feel free to join. Friends and family are welcome also – the more the merrier.
We are planning to frequent 3 local craft breweries, the majority of which also serve food and non alcoholic beverages. All 3 venues are wheelchair accessible. We will need to move the event slightly earlier than planned due to some scheduling conflicts. As such please plan to meet:
Friday May 31, 2019
Callister Brewing Company, 1338 Franklin St
We will start walking to Powell Street Brewing (1357 Powell St) at 615 and then Parallel 49 Brewing (1950 Triumph St) at 7pm. You can contact Leo on his cell (778-882-3089) if you are having difficulty locating the group or want to meet us along the way. A reminder email will be sent out shortly before the event.
Many thanks and see you there!
The Social Committee

Van East Co-op Music Circle


Greetings to all members of East Van Housing Co-op.
Below are details of a social event being planned by the Social Committee.

Event: Music Circle
Date and Time: Friday, March 29   6:15 – 8:15
Place: Britannia Family Room, to the left before you enter the library, in the elementary school.
What to bring: your own self, all ages and musical abilities welcome. Bring a potluck snack or not, bring a musical instrument or not.
Format: This event is meant for making music together. We sit in a circle and go around taking turns choosing the song to be sung.
Options: Play an instrument and lead the song, Suggest a song and hope that someone else will lead it (usually my option), bring some lyrics and/or reason for choosing this song, and then either lead it or hope that someone else will lead it. You can also totally pass.There are probably some other options.
Depending on how many people are in the circle, we might get around to you 2 or 3 times (more or less).
Which reminds me, we would like to have a rough rsvp from you and also please spread the word verbally to fellow members.
for the Social Committee

Games Day at the Co-op A Success!


Once again, Pender-Ferndale had the strongest showing at a Co-op event, with Al, Esme, Nola, Mary W. and Nina representing their site. Jen from Vic-Nape, Mary S. from Salsbury and Teresa from Venables rounded out the game-players for the day. Jen and Al laid out a terrific spread of snacks, which helped everyone keep going between rounds. The group warmed up with a round of Crazy 8s and then the main event began. Mary W. and Nina had brought one of their new favourite games, Telestrations, and the rest of the afternoon was spent drawing and guessing and drawing again.

There’s sure to be another games day, so be prepared for games of all kinds – co-operative, competitive, performative, and creative!

Thanks to Al and Jen for organizing this fun Sunday afternoon event and thanks to everyone who joined in or stopped by to say hello.

Cookie Swap

Cookie Swap

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s cookie swap! Pender-Ferndale had the strongest showing, with Tara, Esme, Nola, Michel and Jacqui in attendance, while Mary and Nina sent packages of cookies along for the swap. Teresa from Venables and Anna K. of Grant Street attended, too. We had a cozy afternoon, drinking tea, eating samples, and sharing stories. We also celebrated Jacqui’s birthday with a little Earnest ice cream. Then, we sent the extra cookies upstairs to Ruth, Salsbury’s resident cookie-lover.

Now you know which units to drop by for a little holiday cookie cheer!


All the cookies!