Games Day at the Co-op A Success!


Once again, Pender-Ferndale had the strongest showing at a Co-op event, with Al, Esme, Nola, Mary W. and Nina representing their site. Jen from Vic-Nape, Mary S. from Salsbury and Teresa from Venables rounded out the game-players for the day. Jen and Al laid out a terrific spread of snacks, which helped everyone keep going between rounds. The group warmed up with a round of Crazy 8s and then the main event began. Mary W. and Nina had brought one of their new favourite games, Telestrations, and the rest of the afternoon was spent drawing and guessing and drawing again.

There’s sure to be another games day, so be prepared for games of all kinds – co-operative, competitive, performative, and creative!

Thanks to Al and Jen for organizing this fun Sunday afternoon event and thanks to everyone who joined in or stopped by to say hello.