Maintenance Procedure – Friendly Reminder

We just wanted to remind everyone of the protocol that we have as the Maintenance Committee which helps prioritize the work that needs to happen for each and every one of us which in turn helps keep our financial stability.

it is required that all of your maintenance requests are first addressed to your site rep and then we endeavour to provide a speedy response depending on whether it’s an emergency situation. If you have a maintenance emergency (water leak, danger of imminent damage to property, etc.) and you do not hear back from your site rep then it is okay to contact John (Coordinator) and copy your site rep. Please only contact John in case of an emergency.

When a labourer / technician / contractor is at your site to help you with something you brought forward to us, it is vital that you don’t ask them to do any other work that is needed unless it’s been addressed to the committee first and has been approved. That helps us keep our team of workers on track/time for other tasks that they need to do and also keeps our budget on track.

We would really appreciate everyone’s support/efforts in making this happen so that we can better serve you all.

We have asked John to also implement this with no exceptions which also facilitate his job of coordinating all of the work that needs to be done.

Thank you all so very much,

Your Maintenance Committee

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