Social Committee Brewery Hop

Beer by Tomasz Sienicki
Greetings –
A big thank you to those of you who joined us for a fun night of music and singing at Britannia a few weeks ago and made it such a great event!
Also many thanks to those who participated in the survey emailed out recently – it looks like may 31 is the day of choice for the 2019 Vaneast Housing Co-op brewery tour event. If you didn’t respond to the survey (or are scratching your head wondering “what survey!?!?”) please do feel free to join. Friends and family are welcome also – the more the merrier.
We are planning to frequent 3 local craft breweries, the majority of which also serve food and non alcoholic beverages. All 3 venues are wheelchair accessible. We will need to move the event slightly earlier than planned due to some scheduling conflicts. As such please plan to meet:
Friday May 31, 2019
Callister Brewing Company, 1338 Franklin St
We will start walking to Powell Street Brewing (1357 Powell St) at 615 and then Parallel 49 Brewing (1950 Triumph St) at 7pm. You can contact Leo on his cell (778-882-3089) if you are having difficulty locating the group or want to meet us along the way. A reminder email will be sent out shortly before the event.
Many thanks and see you there!
The Social Committee