Welcome the new 2020-2021 Board!

Welcome to our 2020-2021 Board! They were elected by acclamation at the Co-op’s annual AGM on June 24, 2020.

  • Carrie Warner  (Co-Chair)
  • Jessica Wright
  • Kevin Manders
  • Lynn Wittenberg (Secretary)
  • Meghan Carrico
  • Michel Turmel
  • Steve Berger  (Treasurer)
  • Tara Matsuzaki (Chair)
  • Tara Sawatsky

Also, welcome Teresa McCarthy and Anna Kalfa as our CHF Reps, and romham gallacher as our PIPA Officer.

Thanks to Sue Moorhead and the team at CHF for hosting the meeting via Zoom. This was our first AGM using Zoom, and it went very well. And to everyone who volunteered on their sites, our committees, and on the Board over the last year, THANK YOU!